Kaos FAQ

Questions that reduce cost and improve quality...

Tips for keeping your pricing down, explanations about some of our services and other answers to the questions we are most often asked by our awesome customers.


How do I get started?

The best first step would be to contact us to talk about what you want so that we can get you a quote! The most important information for us to know up-front would be:

  • Type of apparel
  • Color of apparel
  • Estimated quantity
  • Basic design info (number of colors/placements)
  • Desired delivery date

What are typical job turnaround times?

Our average turnaround time for print is 1 to 2 weeks from the date that the order is placed, and our average turnaround time for design is about a week.  If you need an order rushed or a specific deadline met, please ask – we always do our best to accommodate deadlines without any rush charges!

What is your minimum quantity?

Our minimum is 10 items per design.  We don’t charge setup fees or screen charges and we try to keep our pricing really reasonable – a 10-item minimum allows us to do that.

How is pricing determined?

We determine pricing by quantity, design and selected apparel. Each design is treated like its own job (or each setup – if you want the design sized differently for youth shirts vs. adult shirts for example, each setup is treated as its own job). For each job, we first look at quantity. The quantity of items you print in that design/setup determines the pricing bracket, even if you choose to print a variety of styles and/or colors of apparel (price differences would only occur as a result of apparel cost variance and/or color changes needed). From there we look at the number of colors/placements to determine pricing. Printing just one color on one side is the cheapest way to go, then for each color and/or placement you add, the pricing goes up by a little bit. We base all pricing off of a standard white tee in sizes S-XL to start with, and we add the price difference in apparel if you want to upgrade from there. Color tees typically add $1/shirt, XXL typically add $1, fashion fit tees add $1, long sleeve tees add $3, etc.


How do I keep pricing down on my order?

1. The more you order, the less they are per shirt! Price breaks are at:
and each multiple of 100 after that!

2. Choose fewer colors and/or print locations. Printing one color on just one side is the cheapest way to go, and although it doesn’t raise the price by a huge amount to add more colors, printing two colors on one side is a little cheaper than printing one color on front and one on back.

3. White shirts are cheaper than any other color – switching to white tees is a quick way to save $1/shirt.

4. Give us as much information as possible about the design you want before we create it! Include links or descriptions of other brands/styles that you like, fonts that you want us to use, number of colors and/or budget… basically, get us as much information as you can, so that we can get the design as close to perfect as possible on the first round of design, as the initial design and one round of changes are free of charge!

Do I get to see a sample before you print?

Yes! We always send a digital mock-up (much like what you’ll see on our Kaos Samples page) for approval before print so that you can check spelling, approximate sizing/placement, colors, etc. Until we get written approval of your mock-up, we won’t begin print. We want to make sure we know exactly what you want, because once the order is printed there’s no way to unprint it!

We also have printed samples of other jobs, if that’s what you’re after. We’d be happy to make an appointment so that you can come in to look through them. If you like, we can even bring some samples and catalogs to you! We love to show off our work, and we always try to keep it as simple as possible!


What kind of artwork files do you accept?

We accept:
Adobe Illustrator (EPS, AI)
Adobe Photoshop (PSD, PPD)

If your file type is not listed above, go ahead and send it anyway. We will do our best to convert it into a file we can use, or we will recreate it.

We also offer discounted contract pricing for customers who come to us with print ready artwork and their own apparel.

How much do you charge for artwork?

We will do an initial design and one round of changes free of charge if you print apparel with us. After that, if you want more changes or want a different design, pricing is billed by the hour and runs around $30-$50 per design on average (more for extremely complex designs). To be honest, most of our orders are never charged for design. Just try to get us as much information about what you want and be as specific as possible, and typically we are able to create something you’ll love absolutely free of charge!

Do I need an appointment to come in?

While we offer regular phone hours, we are not always in the office, so if you want to stop by to chat with us or see samples, please call or email for an appointment.

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